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10 awesome ways to make money as a yoga instructor


Yoga instructors are true masters of their craft, and they’ve learned how to share that knowledge with the world. If you’re a yoga instructor looking for new ways to make money and grow your business, here are ten cool ideas!

Become a yoga instructor.

Becoming a yoga instructor is a great way to make money. It’s also an excellent way to meet people and stay in shape, get fit, and help others. In fact, here are ten awesome things about teaching yoga:

  • You’ll be able to make some extra cash while doing something that makes you happy!
  • If you love it as much as I do (and I know you do), then teaching will be one of the most rewarding things that has ever happened in your life!

Host workshops or classes.

Hosting workshops and classes is a great way to make money as a yoga instructor. Workshops can be about anything you want, but should be related to yoga (for example, “Yoga for Beginners” or “How to Make Yoga Fun”). Classes should also be related to yoga but can be more specific (such as “Restorative Yoga 101”).

Teach online classes and trainings.

  • Teach online classes and trainings.
  • Set up a schedule for classes. You can use a video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Skype to teach your students, who can be anywhere in the world. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment before you begin teaching, including a camera and microphone that work well with your computer’s system (and don’t forget about lighting!).
  • Create an online presence by creating your own website where students can find out more about what kinds of courses/trainings are available, how much they cost and when they take place–and remember: if someone wants to pay extra money for special treatment (like getting extra attention from their instructor), let them know!

Become a personal trainer.

Becoming a personal trainer is another great way to make money as a yoga instructor. Personal trainers are in demand, and the market for them is only growing. You can charge more than what yoga instructors typically make because you’ll be working with people of all ages, not just those who want to get fit or stay healthy.

You’ll need to have at least some college education and certification before getting started as a personal trainer–and preferably experience as well! You may also want to start building up your portfolio by posting photos of yourself working out on Instagram or YouTube; this will help potential clients see what kind of results they could expect from working with you personally (and it will show future employers how talented and passionate about fitness/healthcare)

Build an app for yoga-related content.

You know a lot about yoga, so why not use that knowledge to create an app? You could create an app that helps people learn yoga or one that helps them practice it.

You could also make an app for other instructors who want to improve their classes by providing them with resources and tools for teaching different types of classes or helping them find new students.

Write a book about yoga or health and wellness.

Write a book!

You can write your own book, or you can hire someone to do it for you. You don’t need to be an expert on the subject matter–just passionate about it. If you want someone else to write your book for you, try finding an agent who shares your vision and passion for the project (and ask them if they’ve ever written a book before). Once they sign on as your agent, then they’ll help find publishers who are interested in publishing the work; this is called “selling rights.” Once those rights have been sold, then all of those involved get paid: authors get royalties based on how many copies are sold (or sometimes flat fees), editors get paid by page count or line count (based on whether there’s editing involved), agents get 15% off every dollar earned by their clients’ books; publishers keep 80% until sales reach $10K at which point 50% goes back into marketing/promotion costs while retaining 30%; retailers usually receive 40%.

Open an online store for yoga-related products, including clothing, mats and other equipment.

  • Sell your own products. You can create a business that sells yoga-related products, including clothing and mats.
  • Promote others’ products. If you don’t have time to create your own line of merchandise but still want to make money from selling online, look for companies that are willing to pay affiliates for referring customers their way. This can be especially lucrative if the company offers its own affiliate program–you’ll get paid based on how many sales you drive through your website or social media accounts (e.g., Facebook ads).
  • Open an online store in addition to teaching classes at studios around town; this allows you more flexibility in choosing which areas of expertise you want to focus on while expanding opportunities for income generation beyond what’s provided by teaching alone!

Get your own podcast going and share your wisdom with the world!

Did you know that podcasting is a great way to share your knowledge with the world? It’s true! And if you’re already teaching yoga classes, then it makes sense for you to turn those lessons into podcasts. You could even record some of your classes and make them available for download on iTunes or other platforms where people can download them for free.

It doesn’t stop there though – podcasting can also be used as an opportunity for training students in online courses, which could lead them into taking private classes with you at some point down the line. Additionally, if someone really loves what they hear on one of these podcasts they might even buy one of your books about health or wellness (or perhaps even just yoga).

There are so many cool things you can do as a yoga instructor, don’t forget to explore all of the possibilities!

There are so many cool things you can do as a yoga instructor, don’t forget to explore all of the possibilities!

  • Teach Yoga in Person

Teaching yoga in person is great because it allows you to meet new people and spread your love of the practice. If you have space in your home or studio, this is an option for you–you can even teach out of your car! If not, there are plenty of other ways to teach: at gyms or studios where they already have equipment set up (they may even pay for it), at community centers or parks during open hours when people are present, via video chat through services like Zoom Video Communications (https://zoom.us/) and Google Hangouts On Air if someone doesn’t have access to their own camera equipment or internet connection but still wants instruction from afar…the list goes on! Just make sure that whatever method(s) work best for everyone involved before getting started with anything official–no one wants any surprises later down the road when things get complicated/expensive due solely from miscommunication between teacher(s) & student(s).


You’re in a great position to make money as a yoga instructor, and there are so many cool things you can do with this career. Don’t forget to explore all of the possibilities!

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